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Left Abandoned, Lying On A Busy Road, So Tiny He Hadn’t Even Opened His Eyes!

After finding an abandoned kitten lying in the middle of the road they call rescuers who soon discover there is more to him than meets the eye!

A family in Thailand finds a newborn kitten lying abandoned in the middle of a busy road!

At first glance, he appears to be a regular house cat though when they look closer he looks a little different. Wanting to make sure the family calls Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT).

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/You Should Know

Rescuers are soon on the scene and they took the kitten to a vet for treatment. Only hours old the kitten is soon warmed up and fed with a milk supplement to help boost nutrition.

Once he settles down the vet makes a closer examination and finds he is a very rare fishing cat!

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/You Should Know

Fishing cats are very rare in Thailand and are in fact on the point of extinction!

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In a once in a lifetime opportunity he gets to take a dream photo of a very rare cat!

Not only is this the world’s smallest cat, but it could also quite possibly be the cutest!

Due to habitat loss and human-nature conflict, the fishing cat is becoming extinct. These beautiful wild cats live in southeast Asia.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/You Should Know

They range in size from 13-26 pounds and love the water, hence their name.

According to Big Cat Rescue, “At one time, one of the more noted characteristics often associated with the fishing cat was webbed feet.”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/ Wild Oasis

With round-the-clock care in a special incubator, the vet hopes the kitten named Simba will make a full recovery. His species is depending on it.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube/You Should Know

Watch the full rescue video below.

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He May Still Have Had A Roof Over His Head, When In Reality The Sad Truth Was He Was Homeless Even Before He Was Dumped Onto The Streets!

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