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Left Behind By Mom, Lost In A Huge Parking Lot, She Spent Her Time Trying To Hide From Humans!

Mom had left her behind, terrified and on her own, she did her best to hide in the huge work parking lot!

Lisa was in her work parking lot one day when she thought she heard a strange noise?

Wondering what it was she investigated further and found the noise seemed to be coming from an electrical box?

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mayday Kitten

There, terrified and alone was a tiny four-week-old kitten. Mom had somehow left her behind when moving her litter. Terrified and alone she was spending her time doing her best to hide from humans.

It was a hot day and the parking lot was very busy, fearing for the kitten’s safety Lisa decided to try and rescue the tiny feline.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Love For Kittens

Being only for weeks old and so tiny, catching her was not easy!

However, Lisa finally managed to gently maneuver the feisty feral kitten into an Amazon box.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mayday Kitten

Soon this box and its precious cargo was on special delivery home to Lisa’s house.

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She had hidden her kittens in the corner of a Walmart parking lot in 1/2 an inch of water!

Clearly hungry they were crawling out of the box, he had found them just in time!

If she was terrified in the parking lot she was even more terrified in Lisa’s home!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mayday Kitten

Being in an unfamiliar environment so close to humans left the little kitten shaking with fear.

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