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Left Behind By Mom, Frightened, Lost And Alone, He Does His Best To Find Her But He’s Just Too Young!

A tiny tuxedo kitten is found lost and alone in someone’s yard doing his best to find his Mom.

Lost and alone a tiny kitten is found in someone’s yard! His Mom must have dropped him when moving her litter. He seems perfectly healthy so rescuers think she might come back for him.

They keep an eye on him the entire time while he does his best to find her. But with night fast approaching, they feel for his own good he should be brought to safety at Wrenn Rescues (Southern California).

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Ashley Kelly

“With coyotes around, it wasn’t safe to leave him overnight, so he was brought to me,” said Ashley Kelley,” a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues.

“He is a little cotton candy cloud of a kitten, and latched onto the bottle immediately when I offered it and already purrs in my hands,” Ashley added.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Ashley Kelly

It quickly became clear to Ashley that Dali, as he was named, had two main concerns in life. Number one was when was his next meal. And number two, when was he going to have his next full body massage!

He latched on to the bottle with ease from day one and started chonking out, quickly followed by fluffing out all his floof.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Ashley Kelly

Very content with foster life Dali would purr almost continuously. Often looking for Ashley’s lap whenever it was available so he could curl up and purr himself to sleep.

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In this condition no one is sure how she kept going?

Lost and alone in the middle of nowhere, she had no one else to turn to!

“Dail is transforming from dumpling to cat, very slowly. I’ve never ever had a more content and quiet, lazy neonate.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Ashley Kelly

Hearing about another kitten in need of a buddy it was decided to pair Dali up with another kitten over at foster volunteer Jen Marder’s. Ashley would have to say goodbye but knew Dali would be in good hands with Jen.

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