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She Knew She Would Have To Feed Her Around THe Clock If She Was To Have Any Chance!

After finding a kitten in her yard with its umbilical cord still attached she suspected the young family had been attacked by dogs!

After finding an abandoned kitten in her yard she immediately saw it was only days old as it still had its umbilical cord attached. Knowing it would need help right away she searched for its Mom? For some reason she had ran for it, but she was nowhere to be found!

Suspecting they had probably been attacked by the neighbor’s dogs Mom had probably run for it leaving her babies behind!

Fortunately, the kind-hearted woman knew what to do right away and contacted an experienced cat rescuer in Conway, Arizona, Stephanie Pinkerton.

After hearing the news Stephanie jumped into her car at 4 am and drove right to the woman’s house.

Stephani feard the kitten wouldn’t make it due being so young. Kittens this age having an extremely high mortalilty rate.

She knew it would need feeding around the clock to have any chance.

She just happened to know someone who could help, she called Shadi, a friend who had experience caring for newborn kittens.

Only too happy to help Shadi began around the clock feeding.

A couple of days into caring for the newborn Shadi got another call from Stephanie saying another kitten had been found!

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Now with double the workload Shadi did her best.

The second kitten’s survival was very much touch and go, he had been without food for so long and began to show signs of fading kitten syndrome!

Despite her best efforts, the baby brother passed away within 24 hours of being found.

His sister though was a different story, she showed promising signs that she’d pull through. Given the name Puddin, Shadi was determined to help her survive.

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