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After Two Weeks Searching For Her Missing Cat, Almost At Her Wits End, She Drops A Bag Of Food Four Stories Down Into The Darkness

When her stray cat friend goes missing she searches high and low finding nothing. Almost at her wit’s end, two weeks later, she drops a bag full of food down an old chute.

When her friend a stray cat called Nabi went missing, a kind woman in Korea searched everywhere for almost two weeks, turning up empty-handed.

Then she remembered her feline friend liked to play on the roof of her apartment building so she decided to look there.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

Taking a look around at first she saw nothing, then she remembered the chimney.

Peering down into the darkness she calls out. Not hearing or seeing a thing she decides to drop down a bag of food just in case.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

She later came back and pulled out the bag.

It was empty! Something was down there eating the cat food, It could only be Nabi. Somehow she had fallen four stories to the base of the chimney becoming trapped in the process.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

Not knowing what else to do the kind-hearted lady contacted a local animal rescue group who sent down a camera to take look at just who it was eating all the food.

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She searched everywhere for her missing cat, turning up empty-handed. Until one day, she sees a stray cat staring right at her!

They soon confirmed it was indeed the missing cat.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

Covered in soot she hissed at the camera before hugging the wall in fear.

She had now been down there for three long weeks, something had to be done ASAP to get her out.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

When they realized she had stopped moving they knew there was no time to lose.

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