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Knowing He Could Go Either Way, All She Could That First Night Was Hold Him In Her Arms, Cuddling Him Till He Fell Asleep

He was malnourished, underweight, dehydrated and anemic when they found him, teetering on the brink she knew she had to try and save him.

Along with two siblings, a tiny kitten is dropped off at Feline Hope in Kitty Hawk, South Carolina after being rescued from the streets.

One kitten, in particular, was in a very bad way, so bad he could go either way. When Michelle Martello heard about him she knew she knew she had to at least try and give him another chance.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

No one knew what had really happened to the three siblings, whatever it was it had led to a less than positive outlook for their future survival!

In reality, the three of them were fighting for their lives.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

Michelle works for Feline Hope, a non-profit animal rescue group that focuses on helping stray cats and kittens. Rushing to the shelter to help the three kittens she didn’t quite make it in time to save all of them.

By the time she got there, it was only the morning after she had heard the news of their plight.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

Sadly two kittens had already passed away!

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Only 12 hours old the needed warmth and food ASAP if they were to have any chance of survival!

He had always considered himself a dog person, until one night he heard a kittens cry for help!

At this point, only Winston was left hanging in there, still fighting for his life.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

Though he was still alive his small size had vets at the shelter very concerned.

At two to three weeks old he was practically the size of a newborn kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

However, as concerning as that was, it was the least of his problems.

Winston had not had a meal in quite some time, and as a result, he was severely malnourished.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

Along with being underweight Winston was also badly dehydrated and suffered from a severe flea infestation.

He was so infested they had drained him of so much blood he was actually anemic.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

It was clear despite all these challenges Winston was a fighter. After all, he was still alive.

Wanting to give him the best chance possible Michelle got to work cleaning him up, getting rid of the fleas, and giving him his first meal in a long time.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Martello

She gave him around the clock care, repeatedly cleaning his fur until all the dirt was removed. All she could do that first night was cuddle him till he fell asleep.

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