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In Really Bad Shape, Passing Near The Dumpster, He Heard Their Desperate Meows

Abandoned beside a dumpster a man passing by heard them. Skin and bone he thought they smelled almost as bad as the dumpster they were next to.

The emaciated kittens were taken in by Hearts Alive Animal Rescue, so skinny, they were in really bad shape. A foster volunteer at the rescue, Nikki Martinez, stepped in to help as these two would soon need foster care.

Both had “severe eye infections and smelled like the inside of a trash can,” said Nikki.

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

She gave them the names Piccolino and Bambina, and slowly as the weeks went by, the sick pair transformed from skinny sick siblings, into plump bouncy kittens. All through Nikki’s around the clock care and attention.

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About the same time she received Piccolino and Bambina, Nikki found a 4-week old Calico kitten on the Municipal Shelters, ‘not for adoption list.’

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

She could see right away this once stray lonely young feline needed rescuing.

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