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Kitten With Rare Condition Has Her Dream Come True

19 kittens were rescued on a trap and neuter program, one, in particular, stood out from the others.

Heather Spencer, a volunteer working with Simply cats in Boise Idaho received a call regarding a litter of kittens that urgently required a foster home. A friend of hers had just completed a trap and neuter program and rescued 19 kittens. One with a very rare condition.

Heather had some space and was only too happy to help in any way she could.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

When the kittens arrived, she saw right away that one kitten stood out from the others right away. Compared to her littermates, she was exceptionally small.

Named Winky, she was around two-months-old, easily fitting into Heathers palm.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky was irresistible, so Heather scooped her into her arms and the tiny kitten immediately nuzzled into her shoulder while switching on her purr motor.

“She was just a few ounces and she was not shy at all. For being so tiny, she was incredibly brave and playful. Winky enjoyed snuggling into my shirt or hanging out on my shoulder,” shared Heather.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

This tiny kitten, it turns out has dwarfism, giving her a much larger head and much shorter legs than other kittens.

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They said they were runts of the litter, never to be re-homed.

They do all they can, just to keep this micro-kitten alive!

Along with this rare genetic condition she also had respiratory problems, an eye infection and needed to go on a special diet to deal with severe constipation.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

“She also has to have her eyes cleaned multiple times a day due to her eyes constantly watering. She has narrow nasal passages so she snorts a lot.”

After what seemed like continuous visits to the vet and lots of love, Winky began to turn the corner and her health improved.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Underweight for her age, what she lacked for in size she made up for with her endearing personality.

Upon discovering toys, she became a bundle of energy, putting her siblings to shame with her hunting skills.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

Winky is very laid-back and enjoys hanging out with Heather and her husband, snoozing away in the crook of their necks — her favorite pastime

Since day one, she has grown very attached to her foster parents. When most of her siblings had been adopted, Winky and her sister Griphook (who sadly passed away) still had some growing to do.

Photo Courtesy of Heather @winkythedwarfcat

It took another three months until the little bundle of joy finally reached her big milestone — the 3-pound mark. She was ready for her next chapter of life — to be adopted by the family of her dreams.

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