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Completely Helpless She Is Found Abandoned On The Sidewalk Burning Under The Mid-Summer Sun!

Just a few days old she is found all alone on the sidewalk, burning in the 100.4°F Australian heat.

Only a few days old, Starlight was found alone on the sidewalk in the middle of summer in Melbourne, Austalia. No one knows how long she had been on her own, but it must have been at least a day or two judging from how sunburned she was.

Thankfully an animal rescue group was contacted and Starlight was rescued.

She was taken in by a kind-hearted woman who volunteered to be her foster Mom

Amber, Starlight’s new foster Mom, was shocked and very worried by the tiny kittens’ overall condition.

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Extremely unwell, she sits motionless on the sidewalk as everyone just walks on by.

Malnourished and unable to walk, she crawls along the sidewalk dragging her legs behind her.

Only weighing 85g, Starlight was also still very sunburned so she was taken to a vet for a check up.

The vet found that the main concern to Starlight’s continued survival was her bad sunburn and its associated side effects.

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