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He Refused To Let It Go, It Was The Only Link This Senior Cat Had To His Past

We all need hugs and cuddles when our hearts get broken, all this senior cat had was a stuffed animal when his owner passed on.

Hoonie was 16 years old when the owner he loved so much passed over the rainbow bridge. With no one else to comfort him all this senior cat had was his ragged stuffed cat to hold onto for comfort.

He was taken to Alley Cat Rescue, Brentwood, Maryland still hanging onto his stuffed feline friend, refusing to let go. He wouldn’t let it go, nor would he let it stray from his sight. The staff at the shelter were told that it was given to him way back, a gift from his owner. For Hoonie, it was the only thing he still had from his former life.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Alley Cat Rescue

The owner’s daughter had taken Hoonie in when her Dad passed away, but couldn’t keep him as she discovered she was allergic to cats. She wanted a good home for her father’s beloved pet so she had contacted Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue cottoned on to why Hoonie was so possessive about his stuffed toy very quickly. So much so that within a short time, they had a bio up on their adoption page.

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The shelter had never seen a cat so possessive of a stuffed toy.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Alley Cat Rescue

They recognized it was his only source of comfort, the only link that remained from his past.

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