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The Bag Was Moving, Every Body Walked Right By It, Not Her, She Heard Something Inside

She was walking through her local neighborhood when she noticed a moving bag. At first, she thought nothing of it, just another bag moving in the breeze. That’s when she heard pitiful noises coming from within the bag.

And that’s when she realized there was something alive inside?! The noises sounded like strangled meows so she stopped and opened the bag. She could not believe her eyes, inside the bag completely saturated in its own sweat was a dirty highly distressed kitten.

Courtesy Of Facebook Aline Martins

I say completely saturated because it is Brazil and therefore very humid, this poor little tyke is tied up in a plastic bag, not very good for dispersing moisture. How anyone in their right mind could do this to another living creature is beyond me. The humidity in that bag would have been astronomical, thank god Aline was there for this tiny little kitten.

At first, Aline tried to calm him down. This was no easy feat considering the distressed state he was in.

So she decided to take him home to give him the care he so obviously was in need of. First order of the day was a much-needed bath which helped calm him down. And then a nice warm bed, and that was when she noticed the first positive change. The minute he touched the sheets he started to purr.

Courtesy Of Facebook Aline Martins

Aline began feeding him with a syringe, and it wasn’t long before he seemed like a whole new kitten. Shortly after moving him on to dry food, Aline gave the kitten the name “Davi.” In just about a week, Davi was fully recovered, ready to move on from his past and into a new and happy life!

Courtesy Of Facebook Aline Martins

Now, Davi has lots of brothers and sisters to play with. For every person that would do something awful to a sweet kitten like Davi, there’s another who will drop everything to give a new home to an animal in need. Thank you, Aline!

Courtesy Of Facebook Aline Martins

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