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It Was Fate That Led Her That Day! Led Her To Someone Who Couldn’t Cry For Help!

Had she not found him, the vets told her he probably wouldn’t have lasted another day.

He was sedated the entire time as they removed the glue. They also took the opportunity to have him vaccinated and treated for fleas and ear mites.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

Now, here was a sweet little kitten with no other health issues…and no home. Erika knew there was another reason the kitten was put in her path. And it was far more than just saving his life though. 

And from the very first grateful purr that came out of the cute kitten, she knew he had become a part of her heart. 

As soon as the kitten had been freed from his tortured existence, he amazed everyone by breaking out the biscuits. 

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

“I expected him to be really wild and skittish, but he would not stop purring and making ‘biscuits’ on my daughter,” Raggio said, explaining it was like he was kneading biscuit dough.”

“That was what made me emotional because I could not believe he was being that sweet after what happened to him.”

Perhaps it’s because her daughter, Emma, is just as much a lover of animals as she. Emma, Emma, says she loves his scruffy hand [where the glue was removed], which she calls “hannies.”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Erika Raggio

I am a firm believer that animals can sense that in humans. From Erika’s social media profile, her heart is exactly what draws them to her. 

Now, the once tortured kitten not only has dedicated humans, he’s got a huge 4-legged family to care for him too! 

As soon as Erika saw the events unfolding between her daughter and the loving little kitten, she immediately knew he belonged with their family.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

“Biscuit” is happy and healthy thanks to Helping Hands and Orchards Pet Hospital. My daughter named him Biscuit because he hasn’t stopped happily “making biscuits” since we picked his sweet self up from the vet.

The Raggio’s have 3 other cats and 3 dogs that share their home. One cat, Turnip, has “adopted” him, cleaning him and letting him eat her food, she said. Though he’s still small enough to fit in a coffee mug, he’s gaining weight.

Photo Courtesy of

I tried to hope it was an accident but I just knew someone had done this to him. THANK YOU TO HELPING HANDS AND ORCHARDS PET HOSPITAL. He is coming home with me and will never have anything but tons of love EVER again.”

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