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It Was Fate That Led Her That Day! Led Her To Someone Who Couldn’t Cry For Help!

For the first day in a long, while she found herself with some free time. The last thing she expected was that time to be filled trying to rescue a kitten who literally couldn’t cry for help!

Erika Raggio is a busy woman, a very busy woman. She spends most of her day working as a volunteer for the local 49’ers Saddle Club. Something she says is in her blood and occupies most of her spare time.

However recently on the first day of the month, she found a void in her day. The last thing she expected was to have that void filled by someone who, because of the cruelty of another, lacked the ability to open his mouth and cry for help

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

Now she had some free time, Erica thought, what better way to use it than to head down to the saddle club and do some odd jobs?

You guys I literally had some time to kill this morning, and I thought what the heck, I’ll go down to the 49er’s and pick some garbage up,” said Erica. 

She happened to be chatting on the phone as she scanned the area for trash when she happened upon a kitten lying in the middle of a small alleyway. Right away she could see something was not quite right with him? There appeared to be something covering his mouth.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/49ersSaddlesClub

As she approached he still, however, tried to escape from his would-be rescuer . But with his strength fading it was a pretty pathetic escape attempt.

‘He ran away from me but was pretty lethargic. I could tell he had something over his mouth, looked like duct tape,” Erica said. 

Feeling that fate must have brought her to the club that morning, there was no way she was going to leaving without saving his life.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

“I just sat near the woodpile and he eventually came back out. After about 20 minutes of talking to him, he let me pick him up!”

That’s when Erica saw why the kitten was in such a bad state. Some heartless person had covered his mouth in rubber cement! In shock, she wondered how long he had been suffering like this. Malnourished and dehydrated he was just skin and bone!

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Trapped for so long he struggled to get free when he saw them coming. But it only made him weaker still.

They were quite literally glued together in a highly life-threatening situation!

Not only that the poor thing could hardly breathe. If any good came out of the current situation it was that the person she happened to be talking to at the time she had found the kitten was in a unique position to help.

“It was all a matter of perfect timing. The fact that I was early, and decided to stop before meeting my friend to ride is definitely a sign! As I was walking around the grounds, I was on the phone chatting with my best friend, Cami Renwick whose aunt happens to be Christine Huddleston of Helping Hands!!! Now I think there was definitely a driving force behind a little life needing saved!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/HelpingHandsRescue

With the help of Helping Hands, Erica rushed to the vet crying the entire way, hoping she could save this tortured kittens life. All the while she was furious that someone had deliberately done something so cruel. Staff at Orchards Pet Hospital carefully removed the glue from his face. They also had to sadly remove some fur and skin from one of his paws which had also been covered. Probably from using it to try to remove the glue from around his mouth.

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