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After Living His Whole Life On The Streets They Expected This Senior Street Cat To Be Completely Feral

Found living on the streets of New Jersey, a senior cat is still doing his best, trying to survive.

Thankfully he is found and rescued by Voorhees Animal Orphanage, staff there soon make a surprising discovery. A cat that they had thought would be almost, if not completely feral, turned out to be a 15-year-old senior cat that just wanted to be loved.

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Very affectionate, Barnaby as he was named, loved both to give cuddles and be cuddled in return. This was something the shelter pointed out when trying to find Barnaby his forever home. On their website they said:

“This super affectionate fellow shouldn’t be spending his golden years in the shelter.” 

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Barnaby was spotted by Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare of Sheehan Veterinary Centre when they saw a photo of the forlorn-looking cat on Facebook. Right away they offered to adopt Barnaby.

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Being a vet Ed did what most vets would do after having adopted a senior cat. Barnaby was given a thorough health check involving bloodwork, the staff at the clinic fell in love with him right away. Barnaby strolled around the office like he had been there his whole life.

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

He follows the cleaner around when the floors are being mopped, making sure nothing has been missed. Then when Rachel the vet tech is doing the books at the end of the day he sits on her knee.

Rachel also said that Barnaby was on antibiotics and that his health seemed to be improving. He has put on weight since arriving, one whole pound, even his coat was starting to shine.

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Despite his age, Barnaby is quite the character and full of life and spirit. “He loves his special senior food and enjoys being brushed regularly. He also takes his antibiotics like a champ and doesn’t complain at all.”

It’s possible that a cat of this age would have many health issues that require daily care, which makes Dr. Sheehan and his wife a perfect match for Barnaby when they saw his picture they felt they had to do something and opened their hearts to this deserving little boy. “Barnaby is more than a ‘house cat’ to us. He is well-loved and very cared for by Dr. Sheehan, myself and our entire staff that he loves,” Clare said.

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Sometimes Barnaby has a poor appetite, so the nurses spoon feed him cat food gravy and extra vitamins in a cat food formula. “Also Doc noticed his dilated pupils. He feels it’s his old age as he doesn’t see much. He has adjusted well and is getting lots of love and care. He’s a happy boy.”

“Keeping him healthy and happy is our goal and to make the rest of his life a happy one. Who knows the trials and tribulations he went through but now his Veterinarian Dad and I and the rest of his Vet Tech and Assistants family will love and care for him,” Clare said. How wonderful that Barnaby has found the purr-fect home in which to live out his days.

Photo Courtesy of @Sheehan Veterinary Centre

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Scared and lonely, she found him outside, abandoned, he was crying for his Mom.

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