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Investigating A Strange Sound While Walking Along The Beach She Saw Them Holding A Squirming Bag Under The Water

While walking along the beach on Higgins Lake she heard an unusual sound, upon investigation she saw a couple drowning a bag full of two-week-old kittens!

She immediately stepped in and took the bag now motionless bag away from the couple and found six very still kittens inside. Along with other onlookers, she gave the kittens chest compressions to revive them.

All kittens were successfully revived and the woman took the poor things home. According to the woman’s son, his Mom now has all six kittens as well as their Mom at their house.

This is not the first animal to be rescued from the waters of this lake. Another man successfully revived a bunny he found floating in the lake.

You can watch his rescue here:

Higgins Lake, the tenth largest lake in Michigan is located in Roscommon County is under the jurisdiction of the Roscommon County Sheriffs Office.

The Sherriff’s Office is currently investigating a report that a couple did, in fact, try to drown a bag of kittens in the lake.

Once the investigation is completed a report of the incident will be turned over to the county prosecutors office.

Here is an update to this story and progress of these kittens, click here.

This woman found a newborn kitten crawling on his belly in the pouring rain.”

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