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Inseparable They Were Found Wandering The Streets Together, They Refused To Leave Each Others Side

They wandered the streets of Spokane together, inseparable, they never left each other’s side. And that is how they were found, still together, still by each other’s side.

A couple found a stray kitten and his canine sidekick wandering the streets of Spokane and took them to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS). When put in separate kennels they both cried continuously.

Like this cat dog couple staff quickly realized they needed to be together, they were so bonded. The minute they were put back together the kitten climbed back on to of his best buddy and purred away.

Photo Courtesy of SCRAPS

In fact, the whole time they were at the shelter they cuddled together, comforting each other.

Sally the pup had a fish hook stuck inside her mouth so that needed to be removed, apart from that they were both in good health.

Photo Courtesy of SCRAPS

If this pair was going to be rehomed it was clear that a home environment was what they were going to need. So an Animal Control Officer volunteered to take them home and care for them until a long term foster family could care for them.

To find out if they found a forever home click next below!

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