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Along With The Smell Of Rotting Flesh, He Was Clearly In Pain. Stuck Firmly Around His Neck, He Needed Immediate Help!

They were determined to help him, but first, they needed to trap him. Something odd was stuck around his neck causing a lot of discomfort.


It was Valentine’s Day, instead of making the day about their love for another human being, Kimberly Saxelby, and Chris Gattas made the day about their love of an injured feral cat.

The had found a stray ginger cat with something strange firmly fixed around his head, in pain, he looked very uncomfortable. He had been lying in the shade under a parked car for about an hour.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

They set their trap, however not knowing if he would enter it they had taken the precaution of also bringing nets. In the end, these would prove handy as they ended up having to chase him, finally cornering him in an old shed.

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She had been forced to live her whole life trapped in a wire prison.

They had less than a week to trap and save an entire colony of cats.

Chris’s lightning-fast reflexes enabled him to catch the stray as he tried to escape the confines of the shed.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

What they found once he was captured shocked them both. The poor animal actually had a roll of tape fixed firmly around his neck.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

It had been there so long the smell of rotting flesh emanated from the wound.

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