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In A Bad Situation, Getting Less Than Adequate Care, Her Babies Are About To Be Euthanized And She Is About To Put Back On The Streets!

Found in a less than ideal situation, her babies were going to be euthanized and after being spayed she was going released back onto the streets.

The whole family was receiving less than adequate care with every kitten suffering from an upper respiratory infection in varying degrees of severity.

When Sarah Kelly, an experienced foster Mom for Sparkle Cat Rescue, Greensborough, North Carolina, heard about their situation she knew something had to be done to help this family before it was too late.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Soon the entire family was spending their first-ever night feeling safe, warm, and secure in Sarah’s home. Sarah had the humidifier running and all the kittens were on antibiotics and eye ointment to battle the infection that had taken hold in their tiny bodies.

One kitten however was struggling much more than her siblings. The smallest white girl was battling fiercely to stay alive. Clearly very feisty her eyes had cleared up a little, though she had a long way to go before she could be considered in the clear.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

“She is feisty and still giving this fight her all – and so are we – but the brutal reality of fostering can be so painful at times,” said Sarah. 

24 hours later she was still fighting alongside her brothers and sisters. As Sarah said, “there is serious ground to cover before anyone was out of the woods.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Sarah named the kittens after blossoms. There was Marigold, AKA Mari (ginger), Calla Lily, AKA Calli (tabby), and Delphinium, AKA Phin (boy, white).

She gave Mom the name Tiger Lily, AKA Lily. The tiny battler was given the name Forsythia, AKA Thia (Pronounced Thea).

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Thia continued to surprise Sarah with her sheer will and determination.

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No longer wanted they were dumped at the shelter and left in such poor condition they didn’ know how to eat or drink!

She was losing her sight along with losing her life if something was done soon!

She fought tooth and nail to hang onto life. It was if she completely refused to give in to the infection.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

She was becoming exhausted from her ongoing fight against the infection. To keep her strength up Sarah was giving her supplemental feeding around the clock along with providing her an endless stream of antibiotics.

Thia was kept in the steam-filled room alongside her Mom in the hopes that the infection would finally break.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

“She’s the toughest little one we’ve ever see,” said Sarah.

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