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If She Had Not Seen It With Her Own Eyes!

Aside from a bloody nose and a few other minor cuts and scrapes….

….this darling kitten is completely fine and suffered not one major injury. It’s a miracle that it was not badly injured or even killed after it was tossed from a moving vehicle along a highway.

A playroom in the Naples Cat Alliance who looked after the kitten.

There is no information as to who might have done this, but anyone with any information is urged to come forward and contact Naples police. The person responsible for this will pay a $5,000 fine if this is the first time he or she has done this to an animal.

If this is the person’s second offense, he or she will spend as many as 6 months in jail for his or her crimes, and we think it’s only fair that they are justly punished for taking a life and throwing it out of a window like trash. It is absolutely disgusting.

For another amazing rescue involving a cat thrown from a car go here – “Cat Thrown From A Moving Car Left Hanging Off An Overpass.”

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