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If She Had Not Seen It With Her Own Eyes!

There is no doubt that most of the people in Naples, Florida are good people. But there is equally no doubt that at least one of them is a disgusting person.

The reason we can make such a bold claim is that a person who wishes to remain anonymous saw a car containing an actual human being, role down its window and throw out a four-week-old kitten as it drove along a Florida freeway!

Treating it as if it were so much trash! Now don’t get me wrong, throwing trash is bad enough and should be stopped, but treating a living thing like that takes it to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, the unnamed women could not get the number plate of the terrible person’s car, but she was able to pull over and rescue the poor little kitten and rush it to Naples Cat Alliance.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, did not get the license plate number of the car that contained this awful human being, but she was able to pull over and get the cat from the side of the road and rush it to the Naples Cat Alliance.

To find out what happened to the kitten click next below!


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