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As If He Wasn’t Cold Or Lonely Enough The Note They Pinned Next To Him Next To Him Sealed His Fate!

The note simply said, “please leave cat alone. Cat there for a reason.” If he wasn’t lonely enough, that note certainly made sure he was.

The note was stuck to the wall of a house, a house where Sylvester the lonely feline lived, downstairs in the stairwell with the rats he was supposed to control, all alone.

The house located in Cornwall, Ontario was not in great shape, and neither was Sylvester for that matter.


Apparently, he wasn’t doing such a good job of keeping the rat population down. That probably had something to do with his health. You see Sylvester was covered in fleas, bites, and sores and he also had a severe case of ear mites.

Robert Boisvert heard about Sylvester through a tip-off from a friend. An animal rescuer with Refuge RR, he went around to the house to investigate. What he found was more nightmarish then he had anticipated.

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He could no longer care for himself, so how was he supposed to care for his cat?

Neglected and traumitized he had been living in an abusive household.

The home itself is divided into separate flats, occupied by separate tenants and is located right in the heart of an area notorious for drugs and prostitution. Plus all the other things that come along with them.


Sylvester was sad and alone. But when Robert saw his living conditions it took his breath away! Something needed to be done and it needed to be done right away!

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