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After Having Both Front Legs Horribly Mangled She Tries To Hop Her Way Into Their Home As Well As Their Hearts

Found on the streets with a severe injury she is taken to a clinic for emergency surgery!

Both her front legs had been horribly mangled, yet the tiny tabby seemed to have an incredible will to live!

She was brought to a Florida animal clinic for what would hopefully be life-saving surgery. Thankfully the tiny kitten came through like a champ, and minus her two front legs was taken into foster care to rest and recuperate in a loving environment.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@purrasicduck

“She was brought into my sister’s clinic… thankfully, they have an amazing surgeon that wanted to save her and performed a double amputation,” Duck’s human wrote. “We think maybe (she was) trying to stay warm in the engine bay of a car.”

Before her foster family knew it, Duck as she was named, was hoping around the home and straight into their hearts.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@purrasicduck

She didn’t stop there either, she continued making huge strides, bringing joy into the lives of all those that came into contact with her.

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He swerved around it at the last moment when he realized it wasn’t a piece of ice.

Found seriously injured, in her best interests, a difficult decision had to be made!

“I took her in (as a foster) and she acclimated to her new life quickly,” Duck’s human wrote. “It didn’t take her long at all to adapt and start walking all around the house on her own.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@purrasicduck

She had soon learned how to use her tail in conjunction with her hind legs, using it to balance she would dash off across the room at an incredible speed, somewhat resembling a T-Rex on the hunt!

The little feline refuses to let anything slow her down. She has explored every nook and cranny in her home and is always happy.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@purrasicduck

“(She is) the happiest little kitten alive,” Duck’s human said on Instagram. “I got her some wheels and a custom fit harness but she was not a fan. She loves running around free.”

The little miracle kitty will go after anything that moves, and jump and hop with amazing agility.

At six months old, Duck is the fastest 2-legged kitten there is. She has three canine siblings, a feline sister and six hens that she hangs out with in the yard when she goes sun-bathing.

The dogs in the house are much bigger than she is, but what she lacks in size, she surely makes up for in energy and personality. She enjoys following them around the house and learning new tricks like a pup.

This little kitten who thinks she is part dog, never ceases to amaze people with her willpower and what she can do. The sky is the limit.

Ever since she set paw in her forever home, she’s been a joy to her family and an inspiration to everyone that comes across her story.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@purrasicduck

Watch the little speed merchant in the video below:

Look at her go!

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Follow all of Duck’s adventures here on Instagram.

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