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After A Night Of Heavy Rain He Returns Home Only To Find His Wife Holding What Looks Like A Very Dirty Wet Soak!

After a night of heavy rain, his wife asks him if can hear something? He says no, but she has much better hearing than he does.

Because then Imgur user Oklahoma Hoss heads off to check on something with his car only to come back and find his friend his holding what looks to be a very dirty wet sock?

“When I come back she’s holding what I think is a wet sock,” said Oklahoma Hoss.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Oklahoma Hoss

Taking a closer look he sees its actually a tiny kitten. Barely moving she is soaked to the skin and very cold.

Also filthy from all the mud they find she covered in maggots. Fortunately, they had got to her just in time as the larvae had only just hatched.

“Judging by the smell, I’m thinking her mommy and other kitten siblings must have met an unfortunate end before we got there, and had we not, she’d have been quick to follow).”

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They find her alone in the pouring rain crying for a Mom who is no longer there!

He had always considered himself a dog person until one rainy night he hears a kitten crying for help!

After cleaning her up Oklamona Hoss and his friend race to the nearest store to buy kitten formula and a bottle, all the while trying to keep their tiny kitten warm.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Oklahoma Hoss

“We rush the baby home, get the formula in the bottle, warm it up, clean the baby as best we can under a gentle, tepid water spray in the kitchen sink.”

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