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If Trying To Survive On The Streets Had Taught Him One Thing, It Was Not To Trust Humans

After spotting a terrified feral cat living on the streets, rescuers could see he needed help. Covered in wounds, skinny and weak, his fur was falling out. To help him, first, they had to catch him.

They knew he needed them, you only had to take one look at him to see that. However, catching this feral cat was never going to be an easy task. Time on the streets, struggling to survive, he had learned not to trust humans. Trying to protect himself, he didn’t let anyone get too close.

These humans were determined though, and OHS gave them the tools necessary to get the job done. Fear and pain from his constant struggle to survive and caused his body to start to shut down, lacking energy he could hardly move.

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After living his whole life on the streets they expected him to be feral But he turned out to be more of a lover than a fighter.

With one look at the battered face of this stray cat, most people may want to run, or worse still throw stones.

So with time on their side, and a little patience he was humanely trapped. Now he was in their care, he was given the name Geronimo. Although they had him, he was more scared than ever, so rescuers rushed him to Alpine Pet Hospital.

After a thorough examination, it was discovered he was extremely malnourished and covered in wounds from countless battles. New scars crisscrossed old ones, probably from fights with other feral cats and wild animals. His eyes were badly infected, there probably wasn’t an inch on his body that was not in pain.

Geronimo’s chance of survival seemed slim, listless and lethargic he seemed to lack the will to live. However, after all the effort in catching him, staff felt committed to at least try and were not willing to give up. He probably felt overwhelmed by the sudden change in his life, he needed time to settle down.

It was felt his best chances might lie in being in a loving calm environment. So arrangements were made to place Geronimo in a foster home. A quiet place where he could eat and sleep whenever he wanted, where he could focus on healing.

Along with quiet TLC, Geronimo also received regular antibiotics, pain medication, and eye drops. Day by day, the scared, listless cat got a little stronger. He started moving around and looking at his surroundings. His cuts started to heal, and his fur grew back. Eventually, he had two eye surgeries to correct entropion eyelids.

It took many months, but there was no time limit on Geronimo’s healing. His rescuers didn’t rush his progress and didn’t expect him to recover overnight. As his physical injuries disappeared, his emotional health also seemed to improve. He was no longer depressed or scared. He started showing his sweet personality and his natural good looks.

Geronimo’s recovery was only possible because someone took the time to care about his pain. He would not have recovered if it wasn’t for the love and attention of volunteers and a safe space to heal in a foster home.

A lot of people had to come together to make this rescue happen, and looking at Geronimo now, it’s clear it was worth every ounce of effort.

Now that his injuries are healed, Geronimo is officially looking for his forever family. He’s estimated to be around seven years old, and he’s looking for a quiet home to live out the rest of his days.

If you’re interested in meeting this sweet cat, contact Okanagan Humane Society.

For more details please go to

After Gently Picking Him Up He Clung To Her In Desperation, Begging Her To Save Him!

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