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Blind, His Situation Seemed Hopeless, Until One Day He Stumbled Upon House That Could Change His Life!

Being a stray kitten trying to survive on the streets must be hard, almost impossible if you are blind!

This was the seemingly hopeless situation one poor orphaned kitten found himself in! Stumbling around his neighborhood, his eyes were permanently closed due to a severe infection. Then one day he stumbled upon a house that could change his life for the better!

One day a woman went out to check on a cat crying just outside her house. One look at him told her right away he needed urgent medical care!

Photo Courtesy of Animal Friends Project Inc.

Right away she contacted Carmen Winberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, and filled her in on the cat’s condition. Right away the compassionate woman from Delray Beach, Florida drove to the scene.

When she arrived her heart broke to see the tiny furball so ill. it seemed as though he suffered from some sort of skin disease. His entire body appeared covered in some sort of hard shell?

Photo Courtesy of Animal Friends Project Inc.

It seemed as though he knew Carmen was there to help because he immediately moved near her and started meowing. Not able to see, not able to fend for himself, he was crying for help.

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A thick crust covered her entire body! How many people had turned a blind eye to her suffering?

Because of his appearance, no one wanted to touch him let alone go near him, then she heard his cry for help!

Carmen gave the hunger kitten some food and he wolfed it down, he probably hadn’t eaten for days. While he was eating she used the moment to trap him.

Photo Courtesy of Animal Friends Project Inc.

She named the furball Simba and brought him home. She then made arrangements to take him to a vet to see what could be done to help him.

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