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Rescued From A Dumpster Trapped In The Grime, To Patrolling The Streets As His Partner In Fighting Crime!

On duty one rainy night Officer Cody Garrett heard some officers talking about a kitten they had rescued from a dumpster?

They had taken the little orphan out just in time, as just after they got back to the station the area the dumpster was in was overwhelmed by a flash flood. The dumpster may have filled with water!

When Officer Garret got back to the station he decided he would like to meet the little ginger tabby, when he laid eyes on her it was love at first sight.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/donutoperator

None of her rescuers wanted to offer her a home, so Cody immediately volunteered. The time could not have been better for Cody or his new feline friend.

Cody’s other cat, Toothless, who is blessed with a mouthful of teeth despite her name, became the kitten’s new Mom! She was still nursing her own kittens and accepted the new arrival without hesitation.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/donutoperator

The perfect Mom, the tiny tabby soon became one of her own.

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Barely moving it had been lying on the side of the road and just caught the Officer’s eye as he drove past.

After being pulled from the snow, a tiny kitten finds his way to the Officer’s shoulder and refuses to let go!

Cody gave the kitten the name Squirt, soon she was part of the family. Cuddling up with her new siblings for a nap quickly became her favorite pastime.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/donutoperator

Soon her family wasn’t just the humans and other animals in her home, her extended family spread around the globe!

Through the magic of computers and social media filters, Squirt soon bore a striking resemblance to her Dad!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/donutoperator

Cody posted the adorable twinning photo of Squirt on his shoulder in the patrol car. Instagram ate it up – the image went viral!

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