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Her Kitten Grew Fast, Soon Finding His Forever Home. Now His Mom Smiles At Everyone, Hoping Someone Will Choose Her

Very pregnant she was found on the streets already in labor, she was having trouble delivering her kittens!

Due to the seriousness of the situation, she was rushed to an emergency animal hospital where an emergency c-section was performed, sadly only one of her two kittens survived. Dierenbescherming, an animal protection group took in the small family so they could have a better life than trying to survive on the streets.

After a few weeks, the kitten grew in leaps and bounds and soon found a forever home. Now its Nala who’s smiling at everyone she meets in the hopes someone will notice her.

Photo Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

Nala has blossomed into a wonderful cat, happy in her new safe home, her endearing personality shining through.

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Heavily pregnant and practically blind, she goes into labor far too early!

She adores every human she comes into contact with, running as soon as the door opens to meet whoever it is.

Photo Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

She wears a permanent smile due to a cleft palate and a lack of canines. She also has a skin condition that requires a special diet to keep in check.

She gets hypo-allergenic food and is doing much better. She might always need this special food,” Ineke Kamps, a volunteer at the shelter.

Photo Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

If she spies a visitor that’s it, she gets so excited she starts meowing for immediate attention. Should you ignore her she will make you notice by rubbing up against the glass, staring right at you with a very wide smile.

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