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His Jaw Broken, Unable To Eat, He Was Wandering The Streets All On His Own

While out one day he came across a kitten with a broken jaw wandering the streets all on his own.

Carrying such a bad injury, this kitten had had a rough start to life. However, he was very friendly, even allowing the man to pick him up.

Knowing he needed immediate attention the Good Samaritan took him to a North Carolina vet. There the staff gave him non-stop care and attention, as all he seemed to want was lots of cuddles.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

One of the staff, Katie Rodriguez, heard about the little guy and decided to pay him a visit.

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With a desperate look in his eyes, he hobbles up to them asking for help.

Driving home one night he sees a kitten screaming on the side of the road.

As soon as she walked in he started meowing for attention, rubbing up against the kennel door begging for hugs.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Rodriguez

With his sweet nature the kitten, whom staff named Clark Griswold, quickly won everybody’s heart. Soon he was accompanying staff on their rounds, making biscuits, gaining all the attention he wanted.

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