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His Dog Attacks a Kitten, How Can He Just Stand There and Watch? Don’t Forget Mama Cat!

A man is out walking his dog when it spots a little kitten on the sidewalk and goes way overboard in its behavior when investigating the tiny feline, but wait till you see what Mama cat does.

What gets me in the video you are about to watch below is the behavior of the man who is walking his dog. It’s clear to see that the dog is going way too far in the way it is treating this tiny feline. But the man just stands there and does absolutely nothing.

How can he just stand there and watch another innocent creature be treated in this way? Perhaps the dog does not mean to hurt the kitten, I’m not sure, but whatever the dog intends to do it is clear to see the kitten is not able to handle this sort of treatment!!

This is where I have to say thank god Mama cat. Where the man would have stood by and watched, Mama cat clearly could not. She is prepared to lay down her life for her kitten!

So you have to ask who is the smart one here, the man or the cat? I know what my answer is.

Click below to see what Mama cat does:

Read, watch and be inspired, then share with all your cat loving friends and family.

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