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Her Whole Life A Poor Cat Is Forced To Live In A Wire Prison

She had the worst start in life, trapped in living conditions that were unimaginable. Forced to live in a confined space riddled with fleas a poor cat has nowhere clean to sleep, nowhere to move.

The worst part was that she had food and water, which meant that someone had intentionally kept Holly Peppermint in these conditions. She had nowhere to walk, nowhere clean to sleep. And day after day someone had seen her like this and somehow thought it was OK? She was kept in of all things, a birdcage.

The Furry Nation Salvation, Florida got a tip about how Holly was living and immediately rushed to the scene to see if she needed assistance. When they arrived and saw the terrible conditions Holly was forced to endure it broke their hearts!

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Straight away they broke her out of her wire prison and took her back to base to receive all the necessary care and treatment she had been missing.

Despite all she had gone through, Holly turned out to be incredibly loving and sweet, purring almost continuously. She had suffreed severe hair loss from all the scratching she had done due to fleas. She had a bad bladder and skin infection to top it all off.

You can watch Holly’s full video here:

She received antibiotics for these and the obligatory spaying surgery. Once she could walk it was only for short distances. A clear indication that she had never been beyond the confines of her cage for any length of time.

Throughout her recovery period, an elderly couple began taking notice of this sweet cat and expressed a deep interest in making her a permanent addition to their home. When the time was right, and the once nameless cat was ready for her forever home, the couple took her in.

The couple named her Holly Peppermint, and now she spends her days getting cuddles, leaping and playing, and enjoying her time with her ten-year-old kitty housemate. And we’re sure she’s loving every single minute of it!

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Looking for a warm place to give birth, the only place she could find was a cold concrete floor.

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