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Found Practically Blind And In A Very Bad Way, If Left On Her Own She Was Only Going To Get Worse!

She was found in a bad way, with an ulcerated eye she was having trouble seeing!

Volunteers from Alley Cat Rescue were working on TNR plan in an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California when they came across a stray kitten with a badly ulcerated eye.

Not in a good way, her vision was badly impaired. As they searched for siblings it soon turned out she was not on her own. Another four kittens were found, all needing medical care, they were filthy and covered in fleas.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

Knowing their condition was only going to deteriorate Alley Cat Rescue took them in.

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Although badly hurt, as soon as he saw her he reached out for a hug.

Blind and deaf she had wandered off! He thought he had lost her forever!

First, they were cleaned up and fed, treated for fleas and given the right medical care for their various ailments.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

They all needed to take antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, and the little girl that was found first will need to have her bad eye removed when she is a little older.

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