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Rather Than Find Her The Help She Needed Her Owners Thought It Better To Abandon Her To What Ever Fate Had In-Store

Paralyzed her owners found it easier to dump her at animal control than find her the help she needed!

Marlena, a foster Mom, spotted Raven on Instagram back in 2010 knowing the little black kitten no longer had the use of her rear legs.

Screenshot via Youtube/Love for Kittens

Her previous owners had surrendered her to animal control rather than try to find her the best help they could.

Screenshot via Youtube/Love for Kittens

Marlena wanted to do everything she could to help the young kitten.

Screenshot via Youtube/Love for Kittens

After bringing her home Maralena soon realized just how small she was.

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Her first week in their care had left her almost completely paralyzed.

Her legs splayed out she was doing her best to walk.

This, however, did not seem to affect her boundless energy levels!

Screenshot via Youtube/Love for Kittens

So she decided to take Raven to the vet for a thorough check-up.

Screenshot via Youtube/Love for Kittens

After a 10 minute consultation, the news was not good. The vet recommended that as Raven was fully paralyzed she be put down.



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