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Her Frustration And Helplessness Was Only Made Worse Knowing It Was A Cry For Help!

Sitting on her neighbor’s porch she heard the faint cry for help, she knew it was a kitten, her friend didn’t hear a thing.

Nancy could do nothing further that day as she couldn’t locate where the cry was coming from, though she could still hear it crying for help! But a few days later her friend saw a black kitten running across the road and managed to trap it in a shoebox.

But then as founder and president of Michigan Cat Rescue Nancy Hutchinson has heard a lot of things others never get to hear. Which probably goes a long way as to why she could hear something others could not.

Soon that very same kitten found himself in a warm bath followed by food, which disappeared almost as fast as it was served up as he was famished. Then came cuddles, lots of them.

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Cowering in the corner, hiding behind another cat he wouldn’t let her come near him.

The kitten was soon given a clean bill of health by Cat’s Veterinary in Clinton Township. Though the vet, Christy Regan did say that the 4-week-old kitten was somewhat thin.

She also gave him a name: Oatmeal Stout. While the kitten’s coat fits the bill — Oatmeal Stout is a particularly dark beer — it’s what’s on his inside that truly lives up to the ‘stout’ part.

Just barely in this world and entirely on his own, Oatmeal Stout needed a strong heart to survive as long as he did — a heart that overflowed with gratitude once he was finally among friends.

“He loves tummy rubs and loves having his photo taken,” Hutchinson says.

Michigan Cat Rescue, a nonprofit group that relies entirely on donations to save countless animals like Oatmeal Stout, made sure the kitty got the care he needed, as well as a foster family.

But this kitten’s journey doesn’t end there.“We received a good couple hundred inquiries on him,” Hutchinson explains.

And one of those potential adopters proved the perfect fit.

“A nice lady named Debbie sent in an adoption application and it’s been approved,” Hutchinson says. “She went to Cats Vet to meet him for the first time and she is in love.”

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After Going Missing For Four Long Days, Paralyzed, He Somehow Managed To Drag Himself All The Way Back Home!

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