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With Her Kittens In Really Bad Shape, A Momma Cat Is Found Hiding In A Garage.

She is found in a garage in New York along with her four kittens which were in very bad shape. It seemed Mom didn’t really know how to be a Mom.

A tabby cat is found with her kittens hiding out in a garage in New York City. The four kittens were rescued from what probably would have been certain death as they were having trouble nursing.

Mom, a young tabby was inexperienced at motherhood, and really didn’t know what to do. In bad shape, the kittens were taken into foster care by Jess Thoren, a volunteer with Animal Care Centers of NYC.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

When she first arrived at Jess’s home the Mom was very shy, after finding herself in a new and unfamiliar environment.

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Jess did her best to save all the kittens, however, sadly, two passed away.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Mom really didn’t know how to care for her litter, so for the first couple of nights, Jess was there monitoring them, giving them supplemental care when needed.

After settling in, her maternal instinct began to kick in. When she realized she was in good hands, she started feel more comfortable. With her front paws out, she began to knead away like a good thing.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Whenever she is happy, she kneads. She will sit up like a little human and blissfully push and pull her front paws on her soft blanket, said Jess .

“She may be tired but she is still working hard on those biscuits. She is always making them.”

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

They aptly named her Biscuit and the kittens, Honey and Jam.

Over the next few weeks, the family of three really blossomed. The kittens became little mischief-makers and started to form big personalities.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Mama Biscuit is enjoying her VIP life and all the blankets and comfy beds she can knead on.

She is ready to retire from motherhood and find a place to call her very own.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

The little family will never have to spend a day on the streets.

They have full bellies every day, plenty of toys to play with, and lots of soft things to knead on.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Thoren @kittenbnb

Watch Biscuit and her very cute kittens in the video below:

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