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Her Cat Went Out One Day Only To Come Home With A Tiny Homeless Friend

Her cat went out to play one day a came home with a tiny but very cute friend trailing along behind her?

It would seem that Claudia’s cat Posey had come across the cute 7-week-old kitten on one of her daily adventures and decided to bring her home realizing she needed help.

Photo credit: Claudia Wright

The poor little thing was so young she still needed her mother’s milk! Claudia sorted that out by introducing her to the bottle. She then checked to make sure she didn’t belong to another family.

Photo credit: Claudia Wright

It didn’t take long to work out she must have somehow got separated from her Mom.

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“Meesy must have gotten separated from her mother and she and Posey may have just come across each other,” said Claudia. When she is not being fed she is with Posey, who was giving her all the love and cuddles she needed but never got.

Photo credit: Claudia Wright

It didn’t take long for Claudia to love Meesy as much as Posey did and she soon decided that the little kitten had also found her forever home.

Photo credit: Claudia Wright

It was the right thing to do because as you can see from the pictures Posey and Meesy are so happy that they have each other and live together in a loving home.

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Normally a new Mom would never trust a baby sitter quite this much!

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