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Heavily Pregnant She Is Dumped On The Streets Where She Is Repeatedly Attacked By Other Stray Cats!

With her babies almost due her owners decide they no longer wanted her and dump her onto the streets. Sensing an outsider the strays begin to attack her.

Out one day a kind person sees a heavily pregnant cat being repeatedly being attack by other stray cats. Knowing she can’t escape or defend herself the good samaritan intervenes and rescues her.

Melissa from Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue is contacted and the desperate Mom to be soon finds herslef safe and sound in a foster home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Melissa immediately treats the pregnant Mom with Revolution flea treatment just in case there are any unwanted guests on her body. She then gives her new guest her first meal in who knows how long?

“This girl has a big appetite and ate almost all of both wet food options I gave her! Now she’s purring up a storm, said Melissa!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Then it was time for the Mom to be’s first brush, she absolutely loved it, rolling onto her back so Melissa would brush her baby bump. Melissa saw movement for the first time from the restless kittens inside.

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Heavily pregnant, she is desperate, going door to door, asking someone, anyone to help her!

Heavily pregnant and plucked from the streets, she goes into labor and is left with just one kitten fighting for its life.

“Watching for little kicks! Update: definitely seeing movement,” said Melissa.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

The pregnancy was definitely now in its final stages as the soon to be Mom wouldn’t move to play anymore, Melissa had to bring the toys to her.

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