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Clearly Hungry, They Were Crawling Out Of The Box, He Had Come Across Them Just In Time!

Following their cries for help, he found them behind some shops, all the way back in the parking lot.

David was out in the Burlington community caring for stray cats when he heard what sounded like kittens crying for help.

Following the tiny meows, he soon found them in a parking lot, left in a box, abandoned behind a store. Six young kittens, clearly very hungry were in the box along with baby bottles and a can of evaporated milk! Which by the way, is not good for kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Some of the more adventurous kittens were trying to climb out, this was a busy parking lot, so David had come across them just in time. David contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue, a local cat rescue group located in Burlington.

Stephanie of Sparkle Cat Rescue thinks the kittens had not been left there too long as there were no ants or other insects around the milk.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

All the kittens were very healthy, though also very hungry.

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Abandoned and alone she had been waiting in the same spot for over a year.

Rejected by his Mom, all he needed was a second chance.

First Stephanie made sure her new charges were all comfortable in a nice soft bed.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Then she fed them one after the after with the correct formula while she searched for a good foster home.

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