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Alone, Without Her Mom, She Is Completely Trapped With No Way Out. All She Can Do Is Cry For Help!

After hearing lonely cries of distress coming from his backyard he goes out to check and finds a tiny kitten completely trapped.

She was trapped in a hole, so he got to work tearing down his rock wall to get her out.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

The runt of the litter, Mom had left her behind and moved on with the rest of her siblings after she had fallen into the hole.

Screenshot via YouTube/CreepyWorld

Because she was so young, Baby, as the kind-hearted man man named her, needed around the clock care.

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Following the stressed meows, he finds a tiny kitten firmly trapped between two walls!

After hearing a cry for help he gets out of his wheelchair to save a tiny life!

This meant bottle feeding every few hours. He even came home from work to make sure she got her meal.

Screenshot via YouTube/CreepyWorld

After almost two weeks she finally opened her eyes and was soon exploring her new home.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

She soon discovered that she loved laying around in the sun, even though she was still only the size of a small sock.

Screenshot via YouTube/CreepyWorld

As the weeks went by, this little kitty was now completely in love with the big man that saved her life.

Screenshot via YouTube/CreepyWorld

She shows her appreciation by snuggling on his shoulder for her cozy, daily naps. Whenever she sees her human dad lay down, she’s right on his belly demanding love and cuddles.

Screenshot via YouTube/CreepyWorld

With a little bit of TLC from a young kindhearted man, Baby blossomed into a beautiful, affectionate cat. And even though her dad said he never really wanted a pet, he’s extremely thankful he found her.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Baby says the feeling is mutual. What a lovely rescue story with a happy ending.

Watch the video of Baby’s journey here below:

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