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Hearing Her Distressing Cries, They Found A Kitten Struggling To Walk, Mere Days From Death

“Every day she gets a little bit better.”

“She’s still unsteady on her feet but she’s not in any pain. She is responding to treatment and love and care,” Lisa said.

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“We are hoping she could be re-homed in the future, but there might be some residual neurological problems.”

Willows Cat Adoption Centre, which is marking its 50th anniversary this year, recently called out breeders after the shelter has seen record numbers of cats coming into their care.

“Through kitten season we always have hundreds, but at any one time we might have 10 to 15 – we’ve got up to 35 this year,” said Lisa.

Photo Courtesy of The Shields Gazette/ Willow Cat Adoption Centre

“Despite the fact that we keep preaching about people having their pets neutered, many are still not.

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