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Hearing Her Distressing Cries, They Found A Kitten Struggling To Walk, Mere Days From Death

Out walking their dog they could hear her distressing cries, what they found her, days from death, a kitten struggling to even walk.

They were taking their dog for a walk near Bill Quay, South Shields, UK, when a couple heard some cries of distress? Near the river, they found her, skin, and bone, a little kitten struggling to even walk, she was mere days from death.

They were told to leave her where she was, however, despite this advice the couple called a local shelter who immediately came to the kitten’s aid.

Photo Courtesy of The Shields Gazette/ Willow Cat Adoption Centre

Lisa Wood, a volunteer with Willow Cat Adoption Centre is now giving her all the care and attention she needs.

The kitten’s brush with death was a very near thing. The poor feline had been attempting to eat dirt just to survive.

“Had the couple not brought her to us when they did she would have died a very slow and agonising death. It would have taken a couple of days for her to die,” said Lisa.

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According to vets, she has neurological issues caused by a lack of glucose in her blood, her brain had actually been starting to shut down.

Photo Courtesy of The Shields Gazette/ Willow Cat Adoption Centre

Lisa went on to say, “someone has either carelessly lost her or deliberately left her there to die.”

Now on medication and vitamins, she is making improvements, but vets say there could be some permanent damage.

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