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Sensing Her Desperation He Brings Her To The Safest Place He Knows

Because of his breed, most people take one look at him and assume the worst, when actually quite the opposite is true.

Hades the Pit Bull lives with his owner, Juan José P. Flores, in Mexico. Juan is very much aware of people’s first impressions of his dog who can be off-putting when they first see or meet him.

Hades, recently proved, however, that appearances can be very deceiving, it is what is in his heart that truly counts.

Photo Courtesy of Juan José P. Flores

For just about as long as he can remember, there has been a stary cat living in Juans neighborhood. Though she never lets anyone go near her, Juan always made sure she had something to eat.

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When he got he was surprised not to get the usual excited greeting he always got. Instead his dog led him straight to the bathtub!

Clearly in distress she led her owner through the woods to sealed box sitting among the trees!

Hades must have been keeping a close eye on this because one day he followed his owners lead making a kind gesture of his own. Juan was at home one day when he heard a knock at the door, strangely it was the backdoor, where Hades hangs out?

Photo Courtesy of Juan José P. Flores

After opening the door there was Hades, desperate, making lots of noises wanting Juan to follow him. Stepping outside Juan saw Hades happily pointing toward his dog house, where he had apparently invited a guest.

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