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Hearing A Cry For Help, He Gets Out Of His WheelChair, Risking His Life, To Save A Trapped Kitten!

Hearing her cry for help he risked his life, getting out of his wheelchair, trying to shuffle his way down a steep embankment to save a trapped kitten.

All captured on film was an extraordinary act of kindness by a wheelchair-bound ‘Good Samaritan,’ when he risked his life to save that of a kitten trapped on the side of a storm drain barrier.

Abu Fathiyyaturaahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid was out for a stroll in his wheelchair when he saw the kitten struggling to maintain its hold on a concrete storm drain barrier in Sabah, Malaysia.

Screenshot via Video/YouTube

The 30-year old not only got out of his wheelchair, he then risked his life, at the very least, serious injury, by shuffling his way down a steep embankment to help the panicked kitten.

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His friend, also from another wheelchair, filmed the entire incident from a more comfortable location than the one Abu found himself in!

Screenshot via Video/YouTube

When Abu first reached the drain, he realized that he was too far away to reach the kitten so he then readjusted his position in order to try again.

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