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He Swerved Around A Frozen Kitten At The Last Second When He Realized It Wasn’t Ice It Was An Animal!

Seeing something on the road, he swerved around a frozen kitten at the last minute when he realized wasn’t a chunk of ice, it looked like some sort of animal!

While on patrol during a blizzard Cpl. Sean Chiddenton noticed something strange in the middle of the road. At first, he thought it was a chunk of ice that might have fallen off a Semi.

At the last second, he swerved to avoid it when he realized it might be some sort of animal. Behind him his colleague Cst. Ryan Oram didn’t spot whatever it was until too late and drove right over it.

He also thought it might be an animal, looking back he could see that whatever it was was amazingly untouched. He pulled over to the curb to see if it was OK.

He (Oram) reversed back a little when the frozen chunk of ice stood and walked toward him. Both officers could see that what it was was actually an almost frozen orange kitten.

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They both thought that this little kitten was probably a stray that had crawled under a car for shelter from the inclement weather. Luckily for the kitten traffic was at a crawl because of the blizzard, somehow it was still alive.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/PAHCWeburn
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