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The Mountain Of A Man Then Reached Into His Jacket And Pulled Out A Tiny Helpless Kitten

Cat lovers come in shapes and sizes that’s for sure. One woman was to learn this truth in a rather scary manner at 3 am in the morning when she heard a knock at the door.

Most of us as kids are taught to never judge a book by its cover, but when you are a woman alone at night and someone knocks on your door at 3 am this can be a truth that is hard to remember.

Even more so when you open your door and are presented with a man that is huge, dressed in black leathers, looking less than respectable.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/KittenInn

This is what happened to Susan McNair, founder of Kitten Inn in New Zealand.

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She recalls how she didn’t want to open her screen door, but then he said he needed her help and reached into his leather jacket and pulled out a tiny little kitten!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/KittenInn

He had been to a party where some girls had been thoughtlessly handing a tiny kitten around, not being gentle at all.

To Find out what happened click next below!

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