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Born Paralyzed The Easiest Most Cost-Effective Option Was To Have Him Euthanized!

An X-Ray would reveal what was going on.

At the time Renley arrived into Jessica’s home the reason for his paralysis was not known

However, a subsequent X-Ray revealed his spine was intact, meaning the cause was probably neurological.

It was though the tiny kitten may have developed toxoplasmosis, a disease that weakens the immune system resulting in lethargy lack of coordination and in some case paralysis.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@myc8tslife_

Renley it turns out wanted to be just like any other cat so the pair went to work. With Jessica’s help, Renley began teaching himself to walk. They started with bicycle kicks to restore muscle tone, and also assisted walking.

Jessica also took him to acupuncture to help restore blood flow to the affected area.

Along with frequent baths, all of Jessica’s efforts paid off, helping Renley’s brain and body restore the pathways to his toes.

After four months the kitten was walking on all four paws without assistance for the first time!

Just like a normal cat.

He can climb and play with his soft bunny toy like other kittens do.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@myc8tslife_

Even though Renley may not be as coordinated as other cats and kittens are, he is just as active.

And more importantly at six months old, he has also found his forever home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@myc8tslife_

You see Renley and Jessica have fallen in love. So it was decided that his foster home would become his forever home.

You can watch a video on Renleys progress to all four paws right here below:

Dumped In The Woods With No Food Or Shelter, Abandoned, She Is Left On Her Own With A Litter Of Newborn Kittens!

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