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Born Paralyzed The Easiest Most Cost-Effective Option Was To Have Him Euthanized!

They thought the kindest easiest option was to have him euthanized!

Having him put down would also save on costly medical bills.

So when Jessica Ruff was contacted by Vivian a veterinary nurse about a kitten born paralyzed and on the waiting list to be euthanized she felt compelled to help.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@myc8tslife_

Covered in fleas and his own feces, Jessica had rescued Renley for the jaws of death just in time.

When he first came into her home he would pull himself around with his front legs, scooting along on his backside.

Knowing that the kitten’s medical bills were not going to be cheap Jessica reached out to Megan Oswald, a friend of hers, and founder of Heart and Soul Incorporated, a cat rescue based in Victoria, Australia.

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Dragging her crushed food behind her, all she was doing was asking anyone and everyone for some help!

Found with badly twisted legs a paralyzed kitten is given the chance to run!

She would need all the financial help she could get! Renley was going to need 24-7 care and a lot of physical therapy.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@myc8tslife_

After cleaning him up and permanently evicting the fleas Jessica began physical therapy.

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