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He Spent Two Years Trapped In A Cat Carrier!

He had spent two years living, trapped in a cat carrier. When they found him he was skin and bone, they thought it was already too late!

Trapped for most of his life in a pet carrier, he was skin and bone, covered in mange so bad his eyes were swollen closed. His list of expensive medical conditions was so long that BARC, a shelter in Houston, Texas scheduled him for euthanasia as soon as his holding period was over.

After going through so much Samuel needed some luck in his life, and that is exactly what he got when Leslie Raines, a vet technician, saw a photo of a very sick cat that had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

As soon as she saw him she knew she wanted to help him, she messaged some rescue groups letting them know that she would be prepared to foster him if she could get some backing. Just in the nick of time “Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue (SAPCR),” stepped in and supported Samuel.

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One of Leslie’s clients offered to take Samuel on his ‘rescue ride,’ the poor woman expected him not to make the trip, his condition was that bad! As soon as Samuel got to Leslie’s clinic, medical treatment started right away. Apart from being dreadfully thin, the mange and associated other issues he also had pressure wounds from his prolonged confinement.

Yes, he didn’t look good, in fact, he looked pretty bad, but Leslie was determined to remain optimistic.

To find out if Samuel can heal click next below! 

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