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Quite Accidently He Slipped Out Of The 18-Wheeler And Onto The Road Disappearing From View

A truck from Texas has a rather unique traveling companion in the form of a four-footed feline named Ashes. A few months ago Ashes went missing.

Matthew and his cat were inseparable, traveling all over the United States, crisscrossing the country on long road trips. It was on one such journey that Ashes went missing, accidentally slipping out of the 18-wheeler, out onto the road, then disappearing into some bushes after being scared by unfamiliar surroundings.

Near Springfield Ohio, the devasted trucker searched high and low for his missing friend, frantically covering as much ground as he could, eventually having to give up and get back on the road.

Image credits: Lollypop Farm

However, Matthew didn’t give up for good. He did whatever he could to rearrange his routes and get back to where Ashes had gone missing.

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He stopped his rig as quickly as he could after seeing something strange crawling on the road.

Terrified and covered in hot grease she hangs on for dear life.

Time after time he went back to Springfield, but each time Ashes was nowhere to be seen.

Image credits: Lollypop Farm

Just when Matthew had begun to accept he would never see Ashes again he was out searching again when he was spotted and then approached by a woman who happened to be passing by. Kimberly, it turns s out had seen Ashes during 13-degree temperatures seeking a stranges attention.

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