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He Saves A Life And It Was Only His First First Day On The Job

It was only his first day on the job and a brand new Police Officer saves a life!

Oaklands California Highway Patrol’s newest Officer, Officer Kittle was spending his first day on the job when a call came in, a call he won’t forget in a while! That day he saves a life.

According to CHP’s Instagram account, it wasn’t your usual “cat in a tree” call, it was a step up from that! It was the there is a kitten trapped on the 1-800 freeway call!

Officer Kittle along with his field training officer drove to the scene as quickly as possible and attempted to direct traffic around the terrified kitten while at the same time trying to catch it. But this kitten wasn’t having a bar of being captured!

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It scampered under the patrol refusing to come out!

Thankfully, Officer Kittle was just a bit quicker and swooped the kitten before it could climb into the engine bay!

The kitten is now safe and at the Oakland Adoption Center where they hope to find it a loving furever home!


Photo Courtesy of  @oaklandchp


Photo Courtesy of  @oaklandchp

Thank you, Officer Kittle!

For more details please go to

She’s out for a jog when she sees what looks like a tiny kitten fall from the sky!

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