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He Refused To Flee The Flames! When The Found Him He Was Lying On A Litter Of Kittens

Found unconscious after he refused to leave a burning house, when they picked him up they discovered he had been protecting four kittens from the flames.

In a state of panic, the family had little time to flee has a fire quickly consumed their house in Melbourne, Australia. As the flames quickly spread to every corner of the old house they quickly evacuated.

All except one family member, one of their dogs followed the family out, the other, Leo, a Jack Russel mix refused to go. Fearing the worst, all the family could do was wait for the Firefighters to arrive.

When they arrived the family quickly told them about the dog who had refused to leave.

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Doning their safety equipment firefighters went inside and found Leo unconscious from smoke inhalation. Picking him up they found 4 kittens safe and sound that he had been protection.

All this time, the brave dog  was trying to shield the kittens from the flames.

The firefighters brought them out while hooking up Leo immediately on oxygen.

Thankfully, our furry hero recovered quickly from this life-threatening ordeal.

After gaining consciousness, his first job was to find the kittens and make sure they were all ok, his parents say Leo loved dearly the kittens always,  but the fact that he risked his life to save them was something truly inconceivable.

You can watch a full video on Leos rescue below:

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She found her baby just sitting on the side of the road in a cup of milk!

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